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 The Newbie Forum Guide

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PostSubject: The Newbie Forum Guide   Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:40 pm

Hello everybody. This is a guide for Newcomers to using the forums. This topic will explain many features of the forums and it's functions. So, here we go!

What is a topic?

A topic is like a page where it displays content from the owner of the topic. For example, this is a topic. Don't panic when people say topics are threads because that is true. You can either call them topics or threads, it doesn't matter really.

What is a locked topic?

A locked topic is where a topic can no longer be posted on by normal members. Only Moderators and Administrators can post. You will still be able to see the topic, but won't be able to post. There could be many reasons why a topic is locked.

What is an announcement?

An annoucement topic is a very very important topic. Infact, it's so important that you'll only see important news or content on it. Only Administrators can make annoucement topics.

What is a sticky?

A sticky topic is a very important topic. It stays at the top of each forum and does not drop down gradually as more topics are made. Only Moderators and Administrators can make sticky topics.

What are smileys?

Smileys are little faces where people can use them to express their feelings. For example, a happy smiley: Very Happy. Smileys are very useful for people to know how you are feeling and what you think of them.

Why can't I do this or that?

If you are being restricted to do something it is either that you are banned, muted or not a staff member. Please do not panic when you are in this situation, just do nothing about it.

Somebody is being very offensive to me! What should I do?

Well, the right and proper thing to do is report it to a Moderator or an Administrator. Arguing or flaming back won't help. Infact, it will make the situation even worse and we will have to take action against you and the offending person.
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The Newbie Forum Guide
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